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The 64 Monument, also known as the 64 Holocaust Monument and the 8964 Tiananmen Massacre Monument. Stainless steel round sculpture, created in 2019. It is a monument built to commemorate the students and citizens who fell under the tanks and machine guns of the Communist Party of China in the June 4 Incident, and is the largest June 4 Monument in the world. The main body of the monument consists of two giant Arabic numerals "64", the stainless steel body is 6.4 meters high, the height of the base is 2.5 meters, the total height is exactly 8.9 meters, the sculpture is located 6,400 miles away from Beijing, China, the azimuth inclination angle of 64 degrees, so as to express the commemoration of the "89-64" metaphor. "The sculpture will be located 6400 miles from Beijing, China.

        On the back of the monument's base will be engraved an inscription and the names of the 206 victims of June 4 collected by Ding Zilin, the "Mother of Tiananmen", for the world to remember. However, under the Chinese Communist Party's blockade, this number is far from the real death toll, and the families of the victims will be threatened and persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party if they release the list of names. Chen Weiming said that every victim should not be forgotten, and that he and other pro-democracy activists will continue to search for information about the victims and have their names inscribed on the monument. Below the monument is a large bas-relief sculpture of the Tiananmen Square Massacre, which depicts the most shocking scene of the June 4 massacre. Chen Weiming, the creator of the monument, likens the "64 Monument" to a resting place for the victims of the June 4 massacre, as well as a spiritual home for pro-democracy activists, carrying people's hopes for the pursuit of freedom and democracy.

        During the commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the June 4 Incident on June 4, 2019, Zhou Fenglock, one of the organizers of the Liberty Sculpture Park and a student leader of the June 4 Incident, said that as a participant of the June 4 Incident, he had the responsibility to defend the truth of the incident. It has been his wish for many years to tell people the truth about that year through a variety of physical sculptures. Chen Liqun, a U.S.-based democrat, said that although 30 years have passed since June 4, it is still impossible to commemorate it on Chinese soil, which shows that the CCP is one of the few remaining stubborn dictatorships in the world. To commemorate the 4 June incident is to hold the culprits of the 4 June incident accountable.

        Wei Jingsheng said that he has not forgotten those who sacrificed their lives for freedom and democracy, and this monument is also a reminder that democrats have not forgotten their goal, and that one day freedom and democracy will be realized in China. Professor Hao Jian of the Beijing Film Academy, whose cousin was killed in June 4, criticized the CCP for distorting and blocking the truth about June 4 as a relative of the victims, "The CCP has been very successful in censoring history, defacing it, and forcibly distorting it. All the efforts to explore the truth of history, this candlelight tries to add a faint light to history, this monument can help us to preserve the tragic history, but also a reminder and promotion of the current Chinese history." "This is the first time that the names of those who died on June 4 can be written into a monument, which is our 'wailing wall' and our 'square'. It is also very much in line with our current state, our retreat from the square, now walking in the middle of the desert, where we have little support, but there is such an oasis in the desert to preserve the torch of democracy and freedom in China."

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