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"Liberty Goddess Statue" ("Liberty Goddess Statue"), a round sculpture, is an artist's creation based on the June 4th Democracy Statue. The first work was created in 2010 and is collected by the Chinese University of Hong Kong; the second statue is in the collection of Ashfield Uniting Church in Sydney, 3.2 meters high; the third statue in the Liberty Sculpture Park is the third statue created by Chen Weiming , With a total height of 6.4 meters.

On the tenth day of Beijing's martial law in May 1989, Tiananmen Square fell into a state of chaos and dying. The students were in a dilemma. More than 20 students from eight universities including the Central Academy of Fine Arts, the Central Academy of Drama, and the Central Academy of Arts and Crafts were awake for three days and three nights. The goddess of democracy that was rushed out has inspired the hearts of the people. On the evening of May 29, under the escort of thousands of citizens, the statue was transported to Tiananmen Square in four parts by tricycle. After 16 hours of installation and processing, at noon on May 30, the statue of God stood upright in Tiananmen Square, only 300 meters away from the statue of Mao Zedong on the tower, facing away. The students pointed out in the "God of Democracy" manifesto that the Goddess of Democracy is a symbol of this movement, dedicated to the students on hunger strike in the square and the people participating in the democratic movement.

The goddess of democracy is about ten meters high, and the inner mold of the statue is made of foam plastic and the outer layer of plaster. The deity's appearance is quite neutral, with a delicate face, short hair fluttering, wearing a robe, and holding a torch in both hands. It is said that the statue was created in the image of Zhang Zhixin, a political prisoner during the "Cultural Revolution". According to "The People Will Not Forget", some students who participated in the production of the statues confessed that the design of the Statue of Democracy refers to the Statue of Liberty in the US The Lady Liberty stretched her right hand and held the torch high, and her left hand was holding a book. The book said that the day of American independence was a declaration of victory; the Goddess of Democracy held the torch tightly with her hands slightly bent, showing a sense of perseverance, expressing double courage and strength Strive for freedom and democracy. The erection of the statues of the gods made the square boil again. Hundreds of thousands of citizens clamored to see the goddess style and spontaneously guarded the statues, which also attracted strong official backlash. The Beijing Tiananmen Management Committee issued a statement, alleging that the statue of the goddess erected in the square was “insulting and trampling on the dignity of the country and the image of the nation”. The People's Daily published an article criticizing it for three consecutive days from May 31 to June 2.

Five days later, on June 4, the People's Liberation Army tanks drove into Tiananmen Square to clear the ground. The statue of the Goddess of Democracy was overthrown by the tank and was slaughtered along with countless protesters. Although the statue of the Goddess of Democracy in Tiananmen Square was ruthlessly destroyed after only "surviving" for a few days, it quickly spread everywhere.


In 2010, Chen Weiming made a 6.4-meter-high statue of the Goddess of Democracy with glass fiber reinforced plastic. He held a torch in one hand and a book with the words "Freedom, Democracy and Justice" in the other. It was exhibited in Times Square, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. However, it was confiscated by the police before it was erected, causing public outrage. After several protests, the statue finally settled in the Chinese University of Hong Kong and gradually integrated into various student protests. So far, the statue of the goddess has surpassed the single historical event commemorating the "June 4th" and has become a mark of the pursuit of freedom and justice. Later, the footprint of the goddess of democracy became wider and wider, but when she entered Taiwan's Kinmen in 2012, she encountered obstacles. Chen Weiming

Zeng and the Kinmen government signed an agreement to jointly invest in the establishment of a 64-meter-high statue of the Goddess of Democracy on the coast of Kinmen to commemorate the "June 4th Movement" and demonstrate Taiwan's role as China's "democracy beacon". However, the contract was stopped less than a day after it took effect. At that time, Ma Ying-jeou's government was accused of succumbing to Beijing's pressure and breaking the contract.

On June 4, 2015, the second statue of the Goddess of Democracy made by Chen Weiming was unveiled in Sydney, Australia, and was collected by Ashfield Uniting Church in Sydney. In the 2016 "Chinese Communist National Terrorism Atrocities Exhibition and Commemoration of the 27th Anniversary of June 4th" event, Chen Weiming started from May 14th with his third statue of the Goddess of Democracy from Los Angeles, touring exhibitions in more than a dozen cities in the United States , A journey of more than 10,000 kilometers, arrived in the capital Washington on June 4th on the 27th anniversary of June 4th. The touring exhibition also showed more than one hundred pictures and videos, exposing the CCP’s crime of trampling on human rights in China.

And remind the American people to be wary of the expansion of CCP’s state terrorism.

Chen Weiming’s overall plan is to surround China with the statue of the goddess of democracy. He said that China is now at a crossroads in history. The whole change is very big. The domestic democratic movement is surging, and the activities of human rights activists, lawyers, intellectuals, and the people at the bottom are like Volcanoes are going to erupt. As overseas people, we can only use our own power to propagate, in the form of art, with the torch of the goddess of democracy, hoping to ignite and lead China to a democratic and civilized society. "He envisioned that the statue of the goddess of democracy that fell on Tiananmen Square would be made into an 89.64-meter-high goddess of democracy, where it fell, on the day of Chinese democracy, and transported it back to the motherland.

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