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The sculpture "The CCP Virus" started construction on October 26, 2020, and was completed on June 4, 2021. The entire statue is about 6 feet high and is made of steel and fiberglass. It was created by artist Chen Weiming, and his junior Su Lide from the Central Academy of Arts and Crafts in Beijing, Zhao Yongkui, one of the founding members of Freedom Sculpture Park, and photographer Jonas Y participated in the production.

The face on the front of the sculpture, the right face is the image of Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the left face is the evil skull, the black ruthless eyes and the hideous big teeth; the back is the giant virus and the sickle and axe.

At the beginning of 2020, a new type of coronavirus broke out in Wuhan, China, and it instantly spread to all countries in the world. So far, there are countless deaths and injuries worldwide due to the epidemic, and the economic damage is even harder to estimate. The initiator of all this is the Chinese Communist Party led by Xi Jinping. Through the virus incident, it further reflects that under the CCP system, things that are against humanity, disregarding life, and eroding freedom are happening all the time.

The original intention of "The CCP Virus" was to remember the unfinished global epidemic. At the same time, it also reminded the public: "The CCP concealed the epidemic and caused the virus to spread around the world. The communist totalitarian ideology is the most dangerous virus in the world." "All evils." The source comes from the Communist Party. Without the Communist Party, there would be no virus and death." Chen Weiming said that the epidemic caused by the Chinese Communist Party virus has not yet ended. This is not a historical event. Thirty-two years have passed since the June Fourth Movement. The incident that has happened, hitting snakes and seven inches, has to hit the Communist Party’s sore spots because the CCP has brought the virus to the world. The United States has become very bad now, and the number of deaths from the virus has surpassed World War II. We have to use art to express this matter."


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