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A screenshot of the TV video of Nancy Pelosi going to Tiananmen Square to support the Chinese democracy movement


The bas-relief of "The Speaker Calls Up Loudly" is exhibited in the U.S. Congress Hall

The House Speaker Speaks Out, also known as U.S. House Speaker Pelosi. It is an artist's reconstruction, in the form of a relief sculpture, of U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's (Nancy Pelosi) 1991 visit to Beijing's Tiananmen Square in solidarity with China's pro-democracy movement.

        In 1991, Pelosi, then a member of the House of Representatives, visited Beijing again and laid three white flowers in front of the Martyrs' Monument in Beijing's Tiananmen Square with then Georgia Congressman Ben Jones and Washington Congressman John Mille, who accompanied her, and held up a small black banner that read, "For the Martyrs Who Died for the Cause of Democracy in China. They also held up a small black banner that read "For the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the cause of democracy in China". The Chinese Communist Party's armed police arrived soon afterward and ordered the three legislators to stop the commemorative activities, and threatened the media present with the destruction of their cameras. The three Pelosi men were admonished by the armed Chinese Communist police and seven TV reporters were detained. The following day, Pelosi was deported.

        Fortunately, this historic scene was filmed and publicized. Mr. Chen Weiming used his unique artistic language to express his gratitude to Pelosi and other Western democrats who took the risk to speak out for the human rights of the Chinese people.

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