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Crazy Horse (Crazy Horse, about 1845-1877.9.5), is the chief and military strategist of the Sioux tribe, a native Indian nation of North America. He worked with Red Cloud (1822-1909.12.10), the leader of the Oglara tribe, and Sitting Bull (about 1831-1890.11.15) in the Western United States to resist white invasions. The most famous battle I ever participated in was the Battle of Little Big Horn to protect the Holy Land. They led thousands of Indians and used their superior forces to annihilate the well-known US 1st Cavalry Division and the 7th Cavalry Regiment in the Black Mountain Valley. More than 200 cavalrymen were killed and the commander of the Cavalry Regiment was killed. Its first level. The U.S. government learned the news and stopped providing food to the Sioux, and at the same time drove away the bison from the grasslands, making it impossible for them to hunt. In order to save all of them, in early May 1877, Crazy Horse and other chiefs surrendered in the Robinson Military District. They were executed by the US army because they were suspected of escape from prison. He is known for his bravery and good fighting skills and is one of the souls of the North American Indian War.

2017 is the 140th anniversary of the death of Chief Crazy Horse. As a new immigrant of Chinese origin, Mr. Chen Weiming chose to create this heroic image as the first exhibition work in the park, which is of special significance to commemorating the natives fighting for democracy and freedom on American soil.

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