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The Ding Jianqiang Memorial Pavilion is a pavilion built by the democracy movement activists to commemorate the Southern California democracy movement activist Mr. Ding Jianqiang who died suddenly from the CCP virus. It consists of four pavilions and is located on the left side of "64 Monument" in Liberty Sculpture Park. It was completed on April 25, 2021.

Ding Jianqiang, a democrat. He was arrested and imprisoned for participating in the June 4th Movement in 1989, and has been harassed and persecuted by the CCP for a long time. In 2014, he went into exile in the United States and participated in overseas democracy movement organizations. He often donated money to Chinese dissidents and democracy movement activities in support of Hong Kong's struggle.

Ding Jianqiang was also a volunteer in the Liberty Sculpture Park before his death. Together with other colleagues, he sweated and injected mud to build a series of eternally standing statues that stand straight into the heart of the Communist Party of China. He likes to work, sing, boat, shoot guns there... He said: "The park is so hot that the volunteers are exposed to too much hard work. If only there is a pavilion."

The completion of "Jianqiang Pavilion" finally fulfilled his wish.

Jianqiang Pavilion


Jianqiang Pavilion was built to commemorate Ding Jun.


Ding Jun Jianqiang, a native of Shanghai, a devout Christian. During the 1989 period, he studied at the "University of Political Science and Law" in Shanghai. He was convicted of the June 4th student movement and was brutally persecuted, causing him to become paralyzed and almost desperate.


In a certain year, he was helped by a friend and went to the United States to go to the United States. He received dialysis every week for his kidney disease. He received free treatment for all his diseases for a long time, and his condition gradually stabilized. Unexpectedly, Geng Zi was hit by the CCP virus again in the next year. Although he was rescued by the doctors and nurses, he was eventually invaded by various diseases. He was unable to return to the sky and passed away suddenly, only fifty-five in the Spring and Autumn Period.


Ding Jun is broad-minded and willing to give. Although he is not wealthy, he still tries his best to donate and shout for the Chinese prisoner of conscience. When he is dying, the book instructs him to donate only his inheritance to "Humane China" to help dissidents in political persecution.


Ding Jun is anxious for justice and is willing to give. Although he is suffering from illness, he still tries his best to call out for the democratic movement and has been a volunteer for the "Freedom Sculpture Park" for many years.


The Sculpture Park is located in Yemo, the summer is very hot, Ding Jun tasted that when he quit work, he laughed with his volunteer colleagues; the sun is scorching, and the pavilion shelters us? With Ding Jun's death, my colleagues remembered this and wept, so they raised funds, built a pavilion and wrote essays to remember;


The construction of this pavilion will comfort the soul of King Ding, shame my colleagues, and benefit everyone.

Pray for heaven, bless America, and stand tall in the desert.

The Lady Liberty, the torch will shine, drive away the darkness, and lead the common people.

Liberty Sculpture Park Jinli

Spring 2021

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