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The "Recover Hong Kong" mural was initiated by the Lion Rock Café, an organization of Hong Kong people in New York, painted by New York mural artist Damien Mitchell, Hong Kong Forum (Los Angeles) and California Liberty Sculpture Park Assistance, completed on April 7, 2021. The work shows the scenes of protesters dressed in black holding yellow umbrellas, wearing yellow helmets, and yellow masks during the "anti-send" period in Hong Kong, resisting the violence of the black police and tear gas. It is an artistic expression of support for Hong Kong people's struggle for democracy and freedom.

According to Winnie, a volunteer at the Lion Mountain Ice Chamber who planned to co-ordinate, the organization originally planned to set up a mural to commemorate the "Return to Send" movement in Brooklyn, New York through crowdfunding in 2019. Because the original site owner was worried that the issue was too sensitive, the mural was forced to Set aside. The Los Angeles Hong Kong Forum, which learned of this, contacted Liberty Sculpture Park to provide a venue for the work. After more than one and a half years and many twists and turns, this 8-foot-8-inch-high, 12-foot-long mural was finally located on Interstate 15, the transportation hub between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. In the Liberty Sculpture Park on the side.

Members of the Lion Mountain Ice Room said that the murals are displayed to let people of different ethnicities understand what happened to Hong Kong and pay attention to Hong Kong. It aims to let the outside world understand why Hong Kong people are fighting and help Hong Kong people fight the totalitarian CCP through works of art.

Chen Weiming, the founder and sculptor of Liberty Sculpture Park, mentioned that the murals are less than 20 meters away from the sculpture "Recovering Hong Kong Times Revolution" he completed last year. Their display calls for more people who are persecuted by the Chinese Communist regime and whose freedom has been eroded to come here. , Using art to speak out to defend freedom and restore historical truth.

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