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Li Yuan, a researcher in religion and culture, and a senior volunteer in the field of China's medical assistance and emergency rescue, has long been committed to preparing for the establishment of China's critically ill social assistance system. Since 2002, he has participated in the establishment of the Leukemia Children Relief Fund of the Western Development Foundation and the "Little Angel Fund" of the Red Cross Foundation of China, as well as a series of subsequent public welfare fund organizations.

Due to the organization's introduction of cheap generic drugs from India such as Gleevec, a targeted leukemia drug, to rescue a large number of impoverished patients in China, it broke the invisible stability maintenance network elaborated by the CCP, and was suppressed by the CCP authorities and fled to the United States in early 2014.

After coming to the United States, he participated in the launch of "National Resonance" and served as a spokesperson. He was the co-founder of the China Civil Society Research Institute and Freedom Sculpture Park, the founder of Xueshi Studio, and the anchor of the Answer Questions Channel. In 2018, he initiated the Wasteland Human Rights Convention and the National Congress. The contract supports the Chinese people to deny the legitimacy of the CCP regime with practical actions, completely end the CCP’s rule and liquidate its crimes!

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