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Revolution of the Restoration of Hong Kong Era" is a large-scale sculpture created by artist Mr. Chen Weiming in 2020, which took half a year to complete with the assistance of many volunteers under the scorching sun. The sculpture is a three-dimensional rectangular design, with a total of five sides plus the top cover, 5.3 meters long, 2.3 meters wide and 5 meters high, weighing more than 70 tons in total with the base.

        The whole statue took half a year to create. Through the sculpture, the artist poured the spirit of Hong Kong people's pursuit of freedom into the history of time and space, so that the people of the world can understand what is happening in Hong Kong nowadays, and at the same time, express the heartfelt voices of mainland Chinese people in support of Hong Kong. Many volunteers assisted the sculptor to complete the sculpture under the scorching sun. As an artist from China, Chen Weiming hopes to give back to Hong Kong with his artwork, and through this sculpture, expresses the heartfelt wishes of the mainlanders in support of Hong Kong.

The entire sculpture is based on the photos of the 2019 Hong Kong "Anti-Send China" campaign, which saw 2 million people demonstrating on the streets, "Bald Liu Sir" raising a gun to scare the protesters, and a young girl's eye being shot out... Under the Lion Rock, a series of shocking scenes are presented in the artwork. The work. The statue also contains newsletters, publicity materials, pins and scarves from overseas Hong Kong people in Los Angeles, Seattle and Chicago who have been supporting Hong Kong since the "anti-China campaign", as well as a letter to future Hong Kong people and letters written by Hong Kong writers. This "time capsule" of Hong Kong will be taken out on the day of Hong Kong's restoration.

        On the front of the sculpture in the round, in the center is the Goddess of Democracy, her right hand holding a shield, her left hand holding up the "Restoration of Hong Kong Era Revolution" flag; on the right side of the "Bravehearts" based on Huang Zhifeng, on the left side of the "Wo Lifi" parents holding children, and wearing the "Wo Lifi" parents, and the "Wo Lifi" parents. On the left are the "Wo Li Fei" parents holding their children, and the "Hands and Feet" wearing gloves and catching their companions. At the top of the statue, there is also a hidden verse, "Free Hong Kong", which can only be seen in empty shots. Inside the statue, there is a collection of newsletters, publicity materials, badges and scarves from overseas Hong Kong people who have been "supporting Hong Kong" since the "anti-submission" campaign, as well as letters to future Hong Kong people and letters written by Hong Kong writers. This "time capsule" will be taken out and presented to the world on the day of Hong Kong's restoration.

    At the unveiling ceremony of the sculpture on August 29, 2020, Mr. Zhu Mu-min, a Hong Kong-American community leader and the general organization of the Hong Kong Democratic Committee (HKDC), said: "It turns out that after Tiananmen Square, the crackdown has never stopped, and what is happening in Hong Kong today is a continuation of the crackdown in Tiananmen Square back then. The statue of "The Revolution of the Restoration of Hong Kong" not only expresses the story of Hong Kong in 2019, but also hopes for the future.

      Wang Juntao, Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese Democratic Party, said the young people of Hong Kong have used their destiny to fight for Hong Kong, allowing the world to recognize the nature of the Chinese Communist Party. "Hong Kong is the most supportive city for China's democracy movement, and the annual 'Lights in the Victoria Park' is the warmest place to be", but after the implementation of the National Security Law, the Communist Party of China (CPC) has continued to stigmatize Hong Kong, so Hong Kong's problems are very serious, and more people need to come together to support and show solidarity.

      The scene of Mr. Leung Ji-ping's speech at the Legislative Council on 7.1.2020 was also recorded on the sculpture, and he said that day symbolized to Hong Kong people a revolt against the injustice of the system.

      Cheng Xiang, a veteran media personality in Hong Kong: In the past, Hong Kong's role as a political refuge for the Communist Party of China (CPC) was very important, but unfortunately, with the introduction of the National Security Law, this historical role will slowly wither away.

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