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"Tiananmen Massacre" ("Tiananmen Massacre"), first created in 2009, has a total length of 6.4 meters and a height of 2.3 meters. It is now settled in Hong Kong Lingnan University. The exhibit in the Liberty Sculpture Park is Chen Weiming's second creation. His collaborator is Su Lide, and the total length of the work is 7 meters.

. Above the relief is the "June 4th Monument". The relief vividly portrays the Tiananmen Square massacre. The right side of the work presents the most shocking scene of the massacre: the CCP forces forced a clearing of the field, and "tank man" Wang Weilin blocked the advance of the tank with his body, expressing his protest. On the left of the sculpture are many soldiers who abused and beat up innocent people. The elderly who lost their children can only complain with tears of the brutality of those in power. In the center of the relief is the statue of the goddess of democracy, which symbolizes June 4th. She holds the torch high in her right hand, and the book in her left hand says "Give me liberty or give me death" in English, expressing that even if she is oppressed by the CCP's authoritarian regime , A firm belief that still stands on the soil of China.

On May 30, 1989, a statue of the Goddess of Democracy was erected on Tiananmen Square in Beijing. Later, tanks entered the city, the statue of the Goddess of Democracy was overthrown, countless protesters were slaughtered by the army and cleared. Chen Weiming used thousands of "June 4th" pictures, videos and documents to mold the goddess of democracy and the victims of June 4th into relief works. He said: "Faced with the dictatorship of the Chinese Communist Party, the national army actually massacred its compatriots. This is incredible. At that time, the students and citizens had retreated to the fence outside Tiananmen Square, and the army

They are also suppressed, which is an unimaginable crime. It is also impossible for the German fascist army to crush its unarmed civilians. I want the shock and despair of the dead and wounded, the scenes of bloody memories to be engraved in the sculptures, and presented to the viewers as they are. "

After several twists and turns, the relief was settled in Lingnan University in West Hong Kong. The memory of June 4th, which had nowhere to put it, has become a scene of Lingnan campus. Mr. Deng Jianhua, who arranged to put relief sculptures on the campus, said: "This is a space war." Every time the symbol of resistance is moved into the campus, it is itself a kind of resistance. In a society where political pressure is increasing in China, the action to preserve the relief of the "June 4th Massacre" is a countermeasure against the CCP's political censorship of Hong Kong. On the 30th anniversary of the "June 4th Incident" in 2019, Lingnan hopes to renew attention to the "June 4th" by refurbishing the relief sculptures and tell the world that people still have fresh memories of the massacre scenes and Lingnan will continue to pass on this memory. , The tyranny and the spirit of the democratic revolution will never be forgotten. Today, the "Tiananmen Massacre" relief sculpture and the "June 4th Monument" form one body, standing quietly in the Liberty Sculpture Park, telling the world about the massacre that took place at Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China under the dictatorship of the Chinese Communist Party.

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