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Wu Jianmin, one of the main leaders of Nanjing High School Students Movement in 1989. The "Frontline of Chinese Democracy" was the chairman of the post-June 4th party. In 1990, he was arrested by the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of the National Security Bureau of the Communist Party of China on No. 001, convicted and sentenced to ten years in prison for "organizing and leading the principal offender of a counter-revolutionary group."

US President George W. Bush arranged for Secretary of State Baker to visit China for the first time after June 4th, and he was one of the major political prisoners requested by the Chinese Communist government in 1991. See "Ten Notes on Diplomacy" in the memoirs of Foreign Minister Qian Qichen of the Communist Party of China.

He was released early from prison through the mediation of the US government in 1997.

In 2008, the people in the community were led to carry out 100-day rights protection activities to the government and SOHO international developers. In 2015, he went into exile to the United States.

In 2017, he opened a self-media channel "Building the People and Pushing the Wall" on Youtube. The Daily Comment has become one of the classic columns of overseas current affairs commentary.

One of the initiators of "National Resonance" in 2018.

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