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The construction of the "Communist Victims Memorial Hall" is one of the plans of the Freedom Sculpture Park Foundation. The memorial hall is located in the Liberty Sculpture Park. It is part of the indoor exhibition space. It takes as the content of the exhibition the works of art that show the persecution of communism, and presents them in the form of images, audio and video.

Today, when the CCP is becoming more and more unscrupulous, and in the context of countries all over the world being devastated by the CCP virus, these works of art directly show the heinous crimes committed by the communist authoritarian regime against the people, and they have suffered violent destruction and destruction under its totalitarian rule. The deception and suppression of ordinary people, cultural traditions, social civilization and the pain and despair of losing their freedom and losing their lives warn the world of the need to thoroughly understand the nature of communism that runs counter to the universal values of mankind, and its desire to destroy a free and democratic society. Controlling the true face of all mankind is aimed at uniting the people of the world against communism and speeding up the end of the international communist tyranny.

Art works are displayed around the inside of the memorial hall, and seven solar-powered searchlights facing the "64 Monument" are installed on the outside, which symbolizes "freedom, democracy, people's livelihood, human rights, justice, equality, and fraternity".

The memorial will regularly organize the creation and display of artworks on different themes of democracy, freedom, human rights, and the rule of law.

In addition to the construction of the physical memorial hall, we also digitized more than 90 art works about the June 4th Massacre created 30 years ago in the "Freedom Sculpture Park" collection into a network museum, that is, "Communism". Victims Online Museum". While remembering the martyrs who sacrificed for the Chinese democratic movement, we hope that more people can deeply understand the evil nature of communism.

About the sculptor Chen Weiming's commitment to build a museum on the 35th anniversary of the 64th Tiananmen Massacre

​Theme Exhibition


The original collector of the works exhibited this time was the Asian Ameircan Arts Centre in New York. After the Tiananmen Square Massacre on June 4, Wu Zhenliang, the gallery's executive director, asked artists from all over the world in New York to create around June 4 and collected those works. Decades later, suffering from financial constraints and difficult to preserve, these works are facing the fate of being destroyed. After being introduced by a mutual friend, Zhou Fengsuo met Wu Zhenliang and took over these works in 2019. “Otherwise, the works can only be burned by'chopping wood'”. In the same year, these works were touring exhibitions in several cities in the United States. Currently, the collection is in the Liberty Sculpture Park Foundation.

The pictures of this exhibition were taken by photographer Jonas Yuan and owned the copyright, with the assistance of David Jen.

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