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The Liberty Sculpture Park Foundation is a non-profit organization in California, established in 2018 at 1008 S. Bald Avenue, Suite E, Arcadia, CA 91007. The primary mission of the foundation is to build a large-scale public welfare park in the Mojave Desert, Yermo, California, to advocate for democracy and freedom for people worldwide, oppose the tyranny of communism, and commemorate the victims of communism.

In terms of sculpture volume and floor space, Liberty Sculpture Park is the world's largest sculpture park dedicated to the themes of fighting for democracy and freedom and opposing communist tyranny. It serves as a significant base for promoting freedom, democracy, and human rights among Chinese expatriates and as a memorial for the victims of communism. The "64 Monument Sculpture" in the park towers high into the sky and is visible to those traveling along Highway 15. Besides creating large-scale commemorative sculptures, the foundation is constructing a memorial hall for the victims of communism, which will house texts, pictures, and objects from around the world (expected to be completed in 2024).

Liberty Sculpture Park was founded by renowned sculptor Weiming Chen, who also serves as the lead artist. Under Chen Weiming's leadership, numerous volunteers, using the modest funds raised by the foundation, have completed the construction of more than ten significant sculptures and structures. These include "64 Monument," "Tiananmen Massacre Relief," "Crazy Horse Chief," "Tank Man," "Li Wangyang," "Recover Hong Kong Times Revolution Sculpture," "Recover Hong Kong Times Revolution Mural," "CCP Virus," "Ding Jianqiang Memorial Pavilion," "Liu Xiaobo in the Cage," "Goddess of Democracy," "Loud Appeal of the Speaker," and "Mr. Situ Hua’s Last Days."

Address of Liberty Sculpture Park: 37570 Yermo Rd, Yermo, CA 92398

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