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​Recovering the Clay Sculpture of Hong Kong Times Revolution

The creation of the entire statue lasted half a year. Many volunteers assisted the sculptor Chen Weiming to complete it under the scorching sun. As an artist from China, Chen Weiming hopes to use his works of art to give back to Hong Kong. Through this sculpture, he expresses the Chinese people’s support for Hong Kong. wish.

The material for the creation of the large-scale "Revolution of Hong Kong Times Revolution" statue comes from all the photos of the activities of the Hong Kong "Reverse Sending" movement in 2019. There are climbing the Lion Rock flag, the brave version of Huang Zhifeng and the famous bald sergeant. At the top of the statue, there is also Hidden verse, you can only see it in free time: "Free Hong Kong".

The statue also contains briefings, promotional materials, badges and scarves from Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago and other overseas Hong Kong people who have "supported Hong Kong" since the "return". There is also a letter to the future Hong Kong people and written by Hong Kong writers. Letter. This Hong Kong "time capsule" will be taken out on the day of Hong Kong's recovery.

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